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Super easy swing capture

Follothru was made by golfers for golfers. We realize the importance of capturing your swing on video, and understand it can be a hassle. We've created a seamless experience that allows you to capture, tag, and organize your swings over time. Focus on your game, not your gadgets.

How It Works

  1. Tap to start recording
  2. Swing when ready
  3. Select swing tags
  4. Review and save!


Auto Swing Capture

Swings are automatically detected during capture, and videos are trimmed for you.

Compare and Share

Review, compare, and share your swings. Get feedback from friends and pros.

Tag your swings

Ball flight info and swing tempo are saved with each video. Keep track of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs


Do I need an Apple Watch to use Follothru?

No. Previous versions of Follothru required an Apple Watch, but this is no longer required. The Watch acts as a remote for the app, allowing you to start and stop recording from your wrist.

Who is Follothru for?

Follothru is designed for anyone that wants to improve their golf swing. You can be a 30 handicap or a 3, it doesn’t matter. If you are willing to do the work to improve your game, Follothru is for you.

Why would I want to record my swing?

Because feeling your swing is never accurate. What we think we are doing and what we are really doing are often very different. If you are making changes to your swing, or just building a new one, seeing what you are doing is invaluable. Follothru allows you to store many swings over time, so you can see if changes are sticking, or you are reverting to your old ways.

What is a money swing and why is it important?

Once in a while, we hit the ball to the best of our abilities. The shot feels just right, and the ball flies perfectly. This is a money swing. The idea is to capture this swing to gain an understanding of what your perfect swing looks like. Later, when you have the shanks, you can compare your shaky swing with a recent money swing.

How will Follothru make me a better golfer?

It won’t. Only you can do that. Contrary to all golf marketing, we don’t believe there are any silver bullets for improving at this game. Follothru is a tool that provides a convenient way to record, store, and share swing videos. It provides valuable information about you to help guide your learning process. Have a goal, hit the practice tee, and Follothru.

Why did you make this app?

Having spent decades playing golf, and spending thousands of hours on the range, there is one thing we have seen: Most players practice all wrong. Simply going to the range and swinging away is not practice. In fact, doing this will often engrain bad habits, preventing players from achieving the goals they set out to accomplish. Recording golf swings has always been a major pain, but with smartphones and wearable tech, this is no longer the case. This app makes use of modern technology to streamline golf practice, and provide much needed information to improve. We want to revolutionize how you practice.

Do you have future plans for Follothru?

Absolutely! We think there are huge opportunities in developing modern tools for golf instruction. We are currently developing social features that would enable players to connect and collaborate with others to support their individual efforts. The current version of this app attempts to solve a single problem: capturing swings and organizing videos over time is a pain. If we can make this easy and frictionless, the other stuff can follow. Have thoughts? Send us your feedback!

Using the app

Why do you need my location?

We use your location to tag your practice facility and label that practice session. That's it. If you opt out of location services, you will not see location labels in the UI.

How do I play a video?

In video play mode you can tap anywhere on the screen to play a video. To scrub through the video, simply touch and drag on any part of the screen.

How do I set my watch to recording mode?

Make sure your watch app is active in the foreground. Then simply navigate to the Capture mode in the iPhone app. This will automatically adjust your watch. The app must be in Capture mode for the watch to display the record button.

How do I compare two videos?

There are multiple ways to do this. You can swipe right on an item in any swing list to reveal the compare button. You can also tap the ... button in any swing video and select the compare option. The compare widget will appear allowing you to select a second video. Tap Go to compare, or swipe up on the widget to dismiss it.

Can I share a side by side comparison video?

At this point in time, you cannot share a compare video. We are working on that feature. Staey tuned.

Can I wear my watch on either wrist?

Yup. Do whatever works for you, the app will still work as expected.

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